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All of Judy's writings have now gone into book form

These books are available on Amazon.
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These books also are on Amazon
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These books are hosted on my own site. When you click an image, you will be taken to the download page.

This small book contains most
of my thoughtful writings
concerning the Lord, things
we ponder plus a splash
of humor.

This is a book written about
my own experiences, at the 
age of 14, taking place in
the late 50's. The theme
surrounds my experiences
with one mighty horse who
happened to be the grand-
daughter of Man O'War
(one of the greatest race
horses of all time). A true
story and great read for the
young and old alike. If you
love horse stories, you will
love this book

There is actually more than one instructional book, all
with the subject of clay slip pouring for ceramics as well
as mold making.
My opportunity to share my knowledge while I still can.
Filled with little secrets the industry will not share with
you. The one about ceramic pouring is written for the novice all the way up to the experienced
production worker.
The same with the mold making book. Instead of formulas, I give you my personal formula going
by feel. Much easier than having to weigh out plaster plus
information about the varied forms of plasters and what they are good for.
These books are available on my  own site. Just click on an image to go to the download pages.

This book happens to be
my own life long testimony;
all the ups and downs, vallley's
and mountain tops. All true
including the 'not so great'
parts (some of which innocent
eyes should not see). Included
are uplifting messages, all
brought about by my own life
experiences. I am 71 now and
the story starts out from birth,
so a long read.

After having spent years
driving long haul trucking,
this book came about while
still out there working and
witnessing too much waste.
I wrote it with the intentions
of educating the average
driver and especially our
young people just starting
out in driving a car especially
highway driving and how to
stay safe on the road.
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